A Lengthy Introduction by Ereinne

EreinneHi! I’m Ereinne, and I’ll be writing this blog’s very first post. That means I get all the introductions, I suppose.

So, I am a fictional character, created in the mind of Morgan Dusky, brilliant aspiring author who has yet to share my story with the world. BUT NOT FOR LONG! Today, I declare myself ALIVE and HERE!

[Stop being so dramatic, Ereinne.]

…you’ll have to excuse Iaelie; she doesn’t understand these sort of things.

But I am way too excited, sorry.  Back on topic. This is a blog and it’s written by me and my fellow fictitious characters. (We leave the maintenance up to Morgan, though.)


Well, why not?

[That’s not an answer, you know.]

You ruined the moment, Iaelie!

Okay, she’s probably right, though. This is to let us express our voices, while we wait for Morgan to finish editing (or writing, in some cases) our novels. There are… eleven of us.  We belong to two different stories—one is Oracular (that’s where I come from) and the other is Sleeping in Cyberspace.  (Oracular is cooler, in case you were wondering.)

[I take offense to that!]

[Ereinne, get on with the post.]

Right.  Sorry.  Okay, so there are a few things I have to clear up, just so nobody gets confused around here.  First, well, most everything is written by us, instead of Morgan.  Unless it’s official-sounding or something, and then she might have written it.  And then, as you probably already guessed, sometimes other characters like to add in little (sometimes annoying) comments.  They’ll be in brackets, so you won’t, say, mistake Iaelie’s comments for mine.  (Although I don’t think that’d happen anyway, because I’m fun and Iaelie’s boring.  Totally different.)  Each of the brackets are colored, and that’s how you tell, say, the difference between Kivessa and Iaelie, like up above, before this paragraph.  Kivessa’s the purple one.

On the sidebar, there’s a cheatsheet of who gets what color.  (I’m blue!)

Then at the top of the blog is a few pages.  Some boring stuff, like a FAQ and a Contact page.  And then some more interesting stuff!  The About pages—there’s three.  One’s about the blog (which basically says some of what I already said, only Morgan says it, and she’s almost as boring as Iaelie), one’s about Morgan herself (in case you were curious), and the other is about us!  Make sure you check that last page out.  There’s also an about page, of sorts, for the two novels, although that’s labeled Novels & Projects.  (Remember, Oracular is cooler than Sleeping in Cyberspace.  It’s bigger, has more characters (like me!), and way cooler stuff.  So look at that one first.)


Sorry Kivessa.  It’s true.


Yeah yeah yeah.  (See?  Booorrr-rrrring.  Kidding.  Iaelie has her fun moments.)

Next off is the Character Studies page.  That’s a monthly interview thing where Morgan posts some interview questions in a couple of blog posts, and then other people (that’s you!) use those interviews with your own characters.  (Or yourselves, if you are already a fictional character.  Hey, if I’m writing this, then maybe you’re reading this, right?)  Then you share the link of that post with us, and we’ll come take a look, and we can get to know each other!  (And our authors will get to know us and stop misrepresenting us.)

Excerpt Critique is where someone gives Morgan an except of one of their stories, and we write commentary for it and then share it on the blog.  It’s not really critique, just commentary.  It’s mostly for fun.  (Although Morgan might fix your grammar.  She’s like that.)

And lastly, the interview page.  That’s if someone wants to get interviewed by one of us!  Or interview one of us!   It doesn’t have specific questions like the Character Studies, but has totally random questions that are tailored to the particular character.  It’s fun, too.

If you want anymore info about any other pages, just click on it and read the stuff Morgan wrote for ’em.

Meanwhile… you can also expect other posts from us occasionally.  Writing advice and stuff.  We’re characters, so obviously we know all about characters.  And we’re not totally stingy on sharing information.  (Some of us.  Iaelie’s stingy.  And Tiri you have to catch in the right mood.  And good luck getting Saelas to say anything.  And Raethl probably won’t say much to you, either, unless he’s in a really good mood.)

Sometimes, Morgan will post things, too.  She is the author, after all.  So don’t worry, you won’t see so much of us you’ll be sick of us.

Anyway… no wait, that’s all!  Whew, that was a lot!  Never mind, one last thing.  On the sidebar, there’s this big green button that says FOLLOW.  Click that.  Then you’ll get to read all of our posts!

Okay, that is a lot.

So, here’s the important bits: I’m Ereinne, you should click the follow button, and no matter what Iaelie tells you, have fun!

And welcome to Studies in Character!


26 thoughts on “A Lengthy Introduction by Ereinne


    Also, Oracular is actually cooler than Sleeping in Cyberspace…kidding, Kivessa, kidding! They’re both awesome.



        Yep, she bribed me. With promises of chocolate. And that she’d find a way to ship all the other characters together and not let the evil authoress kill any of them. So I had no choice; I of course had to accept her offer.


        • [Oh. Oh yeah, that’s right. I did promise all those things. I think I even found a ship for you, Ki!]
          [Um. Um, I’ll go get your chocolate, Lana. *flees*]
          [*yells after her* DON’T YOU DARE TOUCH MY CHOCOLATE STASH]


        • [I am not part of a ship.]
          [*singsong voice* Her name’s Eizabel!]
          [Yeah! You’ll love her, Daz!]
          [It’s Dazant to you, and I am not. part. of a ship.]

          (Actually, and Eizabel probably exists, but I don’t know if the ship does. My original idea for Cyberspace was that each of the three would get their own novel and fairy tale. Cev was part of Sleeping Beauty, so Dazant would be part of Cinderella, and… I hadn’t decided for Kivessa. I was thinking either Red Riding Hood or Little Mermaid. Anyway, but then it became clear that Cyberspace wasn’t about Cev and the ship he may or may not be part of (no spoilers, muahaha), but it was instead about all three of them.
          And so when I’m done with Cyberspace and their character arcs, I have no idea if there’ll be a sequel or not. If there isn’t, nobody will probably ever meet Eizabel.)


        • Ooooh. I understand your point about the character plots and all that stuff, but I do want Daz to be in a ship with this Eizabel. She sounds awesome, and I haven’t even met her yet!

          Maybe if you don’t get to write those other books, you can write me shippy scenes about them anyway… *casual hint hint*


        • [Think about it! In what way would a ship help or benefit me or my siblings in any way? Or even be a mildly good idea? Whoever this Eizabel person is, I don’t know if I can trust her, or if she’ll treat my siblings well, or… or anything!
          Not. A good idea.]


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