Beautiful People #1: Kivessa

Beautiful People is a monthly link-up hosted by Sky @ Further up and Further In and Cait @ Paper Fury.  Each month has ten new questions for writers to answer about their character(s).

Only in this case, the character’ll be answering them about themselves!

(This is probably the part where we cough in the background about unreliable narrators.)

And I, Kivessa, will be answering this month’s Beautiful Questions questions.

A little backstory about me: My name, obviously, is Kivessa, although my brothers call me Ki.  I’m the middle child, and my parents died in a trainbus accident, back when those still had human drivers.  I was basically raised by my older brother Dazant, although I think I sort of raised him, too.  He’s only two years older than me.  We grew up on the streets and stole things to survive…and stole things for the thrill of it.  At least, until Dazant decided thieving was wrong and we needed to stop.

That’s about where my story starts, so if you want to know more, tell Morgan to finish our story.

What first inspired this character? Is there a person/actor your author based you off?

Nothing, actually.  I am totally unique.

Great.  I sound like Ereinne.

[That’s not very nice.]


No, I wasn’t really inspired by anybody.  I do have small things that Morgan drew from other people.  I have a bit of her temper and sarcasm.  And some of the ways I interact with my brothers are probably inspired by Morgan’s own interactions with her brothers.

Describe your daily routine.

Well, let’s see.  Wake up when either Cev or Daz rouses me, eat breakfast when Daz either figures out what and how we’ll find food without stealing or finally gives in and we go snatch some cinnamon rolls from some poor, helpless vendor.

After that, no real routine.  Whatever Daz decides to do for the day.

If you joined your author’s local high school, what clique would you fit into?

Possibly the closest thing to the female jocks clique.  Or maybe just with the guys’.  I think I’d be good at twenty-first century sports.

Write a list of things you merely tolerate. Ex: certain people, foods, circumstances in their lives…

Dazant’s superior behaviors.

Otherwise… no, no that’s about it.  That’s the only thing I’m forced to actually tolerate, rather than dispose of in some way.

How do you react in awkward silences?

Silences in this family aren’t awkward.  If things are silent, then it’s tense or annoying or bitter or angry or all of the above.  In which case, I either try to figure out to break it or I go somewhere where the silence is just silent.

Can you swim? If so, how did you learn?

No.  There was never any reason to learn—no large bodies of water near New L.A., and besides, who’d teach me? I doubt Daz can swim.

[I actually can swim.]

Oh, well.  Still.  No reason to learn.

[Although maybe it wouldn’t be a bad skill to have…]


What is one major event that helped shape who you are?

One?  Okay.  I’d say there were several—my parents’ death, my time at the orphanage, the three of us being on the streets, Cev’s accident… but if we’re picking one…

I’d say probably the orphanage.  We only lived there a few years, but it was pretty major.  Ceveth grew into an annoying toddler [Hey!] (I didn’t say you weren’t also cute, Cev), Daz and I were coming to terms with the fact that our parents were permanently gone, and we found ways to entertain ourselves that may or may not have included stealing candies.

What things do you value most in life?

No particular order:

  • staying alive
  • not dying
  • keeping my brothers alive
Do you believe in giving other people second chances? Do you have any trust issues?

No, you want to talk about trust issues?  Dazant has trust issues.  It’s incredibly annoying, actually.

I don’t interact with people enough to say whether or not I believe in second chances.  I also wouldn’t say I’m the most trusting person, but I’m not as suspicious as Dazant.

You’re having a rough day…what things do you do to make yourself happy again? Is there anyone you talk/interact with to get in a better mood?

Well, if talking to somebody would put me in a better mood, I haven’t met that person who’d do it yet.  As for things I do…

Actually, amazingly, doing something useful usually does a lot for my mood.  I despite sitting around doing nothing.  Even worse is watching Daz and Cev do something useful while I have nothing to do.  So I look for things I can do.


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