Writing Prompt Wednesday

This week’s writing prompt is delivered to you by Tiri in the form of a character/plot prompt.

You think you’re a hero, but you’re actually the sidekick.


11 thoughts on “Writing Prompt Wednesday

        • [*decides he’s not the facepalming type of person* *rolls his eyes instead*]

          [Ha! *glares at Saelas* I wish it was going that way, but nuuuuuu somebody *coughcoughmorgancough* decided I was way too important to be squandered in the role of sidekick. Instead—instead, Saelas got that privilege! I don’t even know why.]


          [*glares at him for the shrugging*]

          [*regrets nothing*]

          [Seriously, though. I can’t even be a sidekick. Although, I’m not really sure I’d like that role that much either. Don't tell him I said this, but Saelas makes a really good sidekick. And I mean that in the best way possible—he’s so…inspiring.]

          [*overhears* I SHIP IT!]

          *muffled noises and suddenly the only person left here is Saelas*


        • *giggles* I love all of the interactions between your characters, hehe.

          Also, Ereinne, you remind me of one of my friends. She says, “I ship it,” all the time whenever two people are remotely close to being shippy. Or even when they’re not.


        • [*rolls eyes again, looking very much like Tiri*]

          *muffling sounds stop*

          [Okay, we’re all good now.]

          [*raises eyebrow questioningly*]

          [What? I just…tackled her.]

          [*raises other eyebrow*]

          [*appears* I’m okay! And I still ship it!]



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