“Research Week” Hosted Over at Music of Words/RRW

Tiri here. Probably Saelas, too. Well, as much as he’s ever here.

When I was a kid, my favorite way to learn things was through my father’s stories. That was how I learned history, religion, mythology, and sometimes he’d even turn things like maths into stories.

Unfortunately, not everything can be learned through stories, and sometimes, we have to do research. Also sometimes, we tend to procrastinate from research.

(Click image for link.)

Lana (one of Morgan’s friends, I think) has decided to host a Research Week, all about…doing that research-y stuff. I’m sharing this with you all, although no way am I joining in, thank you.

(The RRW is all about research, collected from writers, to share with other writers.  Click the image for the link to the site.)

[She will be, she’ll just be doing first-hand research on Shades instead of reading.]

…okay, that’s probably true.

Anywho (Morgan loves saying that for some reason), check out Lana’s research week. It’s the third week of May, and you should join!  It’s the third week of May, and it’s hosted through Lana’s blog and the RRW, which is a blog all about research and stuff that Morgan made a while back.

I’m not explaining it all, so just read Lana’s post. She says it nicer than I would, anyway.

Note from Morgan: Although I am not officially hosting the research week (Lana has been so kind as to do that), I will be participating, and I encourage you all to as well.  Lana has all of the details on her post.


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