Interview—Alice Chattoway

 [Today we’re here for a character interview with Alice Knight! She requested to be interviewed by our very own Ceveth.]

[That’s the cue for the applause, guys.]

About Alice:

Alice Chattoway was born in Yorkshire, England, January 1st, 1862. Shortly after her birth, her mother, formerly an upper-class young lady of no little standing, was forced to move to London and take up a job as a dressmaker to avoid the tyranny of her domineering, slightly evil father. So Alice grew up, rarely seeing her busy, work-obsessed mother and never knowing her father.

[And, while we wait for Ceveth to stop being nervous about social interactions (told you you should get him out more, Daz), here’s a little about Alice’s author!]

[I don’t take advice from you, Ereinne, and it’s Dazant to you.]

[Oh, fine. Ignore the wise old Oracle.]

[You’re hardly wise, Ereinne.]

[Um, author bio, anyone?]


Kellyn Roth:

Kellyn Roth lives with her parents, two little brothers, incredibly needy cat, and faithful border collie Gidget on a ranch in the country. She has been reading obsessively since she was seven, writing poetry and short stories since she was eight, and writing novels since she was ten. Her goal is to write historical fiction novels (with slight branches out into other genres) with Christian themes. Her debut novel, The Dressmaker’s Secret, can be bought on

Kellyn Roth’s blog:
The Dressmaker’s Secret:…

Alice’s Interview

Ceveth: It’s nice to meet you, Alice.  You have a pretty name.

Alice: Thank you. Ceveth is an interesting name. I’ve never heard anything like it before.

Ceveth:  No?  I like my name.  So I grew up without knowing either of my parents.  My older siblings kind of raised me.  So what’s it like for you, having only your mother?

Alice: It’s not that I don’t like it; it’s just that it’s different.
Not having a father isn’t very nice. Especially since I know my mother isn’t happy. And it just isn’t right! I know it isn’t! I really should have a father!

Ceveth: So what do you think it would be like if you did have a father?

Alice: What would it be like? Perfect happiness, of course! I’d have a father; my mother would have a husband; we’d have a nice, normal family … who could ask for anything more!

Ceveth: Huh.  I wonder if it’d be like that if I had parents.  So, you have any siblings?

Alice: Yes, I have a little sister named Ivy. Well, I call her my “little” sister; she’s really only about thirty minutes younger than me, but Ivy was born simple, so I always think of her as years younger than me. I have to take care of her. I’m responsible for a lot of things around here, you know.

Ceveth: Ah.  Do you ever wish you weren’t the oldest, or that you had another sibling?

Alice: If I wasn’t the oldest, I wouldn’t be in charge, silly! But it might not be bad to have a couple more sisters and a brother or two. And, no, not just because I want to boss them around.

Ceveth: Oh.  Do you like bossing them around, though?  Daz bosses me and Ki around a lot; I think he enjoys it a little.

Alice: I don’t really think about it. I mean, I’ve been taking care of Ivy for so long that it comes kind of naturally. Mummy’s never here, and all we have to watch us is Nettie … and even Nettie has to rest sometimes.

Ceveth: Makes sense.  Do you ever want a break?

Alice: No. Life was meant to be lived, not to be slept through.

Ceveth: Good point. So how do you want to live your life?

Alice: So far … not doing much, unfortunately! I try to do everything I do with as much enthusiasm as I can … but it’s hard to negotiate miles of copywork cheerfully. And the same goes for all the school I do. It’s pretty dull. Life here is pretty dull, actually.

Ceveth: What’s something you could do to spruce up your life, then?

Alice: Horses! Horses would make my life better?

Ceveth: Why horses?

Alice: It’d be something to do, anyway. I think I’d like riding. And it’s one of the few entertaining things that’s ladylike.

Ceveth: Riding sounds nice. If you couldn’t have a horse to make your life more interesting, though, what’s something else you could do?

Alice: Hmm … I wish I had a good friend beside my sister to play with. That’d be nice. Or a dog. Mother hates dogs.

[There we have it.  Nice to have met you, Alice.  (And your interviewing was fine, Cev, so relax.]


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