Reader Feedback Requested

So I created this blog with a unique twist, being primarily written from my characters’ voices (with the exception of this post, heh).  I am enjoying this, and it’s actually even more challenging than writing the normal fiction in each voice, strangely enough.

Anyway, the point is—I like it, and I want to know if my readers do as well.

Not only that, but I do want to try posting more with more variety, and I want to know—what do you want to read?

So far, it seems the Character Studies each month are a favorite, and I definitely plan to continue those, so don’t worry.  (And on that note, any suggestion for next month’s theme?  I had an idea and forgot to write it down, oops.)

So I have a couple options of what future posts could be like.

  • There could be more posts about the characters themselves, since all anyone knows about these guys are from random comments they make or their About page, and then the two Beautiful People posts.  Would you want to know more about them, or is what they’re saying about other things more interesting?
  • That leads into… more posts about writing advice and techniques, such as Cimizelle’s Secrets post or Tiri’s post on Character Foils.
  • On the same line as the first note, there could also be more about their individual stories or the worlds they live in.  A little on that—Ereinne and the others in Oracular live in a world where all people with blue eyes are Oracles, who can see the future…and then promptly forget what they saw.  Ceveth and his siblings live in a futuristic L.A., (renamed to New L.A. after being rebuilt post-World War III), where they spend…pretty much most of their time trying to not be caught by the robotized police force.
  • More posts about my individual writing process and progress…or at least something more detailed than the word-counts you can find in the sidebars.
  • Or even something else entirely!

I could focus on one or a few of the above ideas, so I ask your feedback and thoughts.  Which ideas do you like best?  And how many of you think I should continue the Wiring Prompt Wednesday posts?

[Oh phew, Morgan’s done rambling.  I thought she’d never stop. YAY WE HAVE OUR BLOG BACK!
Oh also, make sure you guys tell Morgan to write more posts about me!]

[Gee, way to be self-absorbed, Ereinne.]

[What, you want posts about you instead?]

[I…don’t think that’s worth responding to.]

[I’m interrupting here to ask, how well have you lovely readers been able to distinguish between all of us?  Are the brackets enough?]


16 thoughts on “Reader Feedback Requested

  1. I’ve loved basically everything so far!!! I love getting to know characters, others’ as well as my own, so everything you posted has been a huge treat for me.
    I’d really love to learn more about your characters, their worlds, their stories. Writing advice would be great too, it’s always so very useful.
    I also like to know what my fellow writer-blogger-NaNoFruits are up to, so if you’re willing to share about your writing progress, please do!
    Hmmm… As for Character Study themes… Romance? Pain? Conflicts? Colours? Nature? Music? The Internet and what characters would do if they had access? Secrets? I don’t know, just throwing stuff out there. Hopefully they help in some way.


  2. I really enjoyed the writing advice and techniques posts … and it’s always fun to hear author updates. All the stuff you mentioned there is good, actually. Maybe you could try to do a balance of all of them? 🙂

    Let’s see … Character Study themes … um … how about … how they interact with the people around them. Who’s their best friend? Worst enemy? How do they treat their best friend? How do they treat their worst enemy? Or you could just do a random one for once. Like, just random questions. 😀


  3. Oh, I LOVE your blog so much! Please don’t ever stop, because it’s one of my favorite writing blogs 🙂
    My favorite posts on here are the Character Studies. I always have a hard time creating good, believable characters, so it really helps me a lot.
    As for other posts, I like any writing advice/tips that I can use to help improve my writing. That’s always what I look for in a writing blog.
    Also, I really like how your blog is so different in the way of it being through the character’s POV, but it would be nice to have more of you on the blog, too 🙂
    Also, since I read your blog on my WordPress App in my Reader, it doesn’t show me the colors you put the text in, so I really never know who’s talking, so I just enjoy the conversation even though I have no idea who’s talking (unless a name is said somewhere 😉 ).
    I hope this gives you some ideas 🙂


    • [Awww. We love to hear that you like the blog so much. I’m sure Morgan will show up more, although we did steal the blog from her fair and square. Not really.]

      I kind of figured that there’d be somebody who wouldn’t see the colors… I’m not really sure what else to do to differentiate them, so if you’re enjoying it regardless, then hopefully that’s enough.

      [If you want to tell, though, here’s a short guide: I (Ereinne) like to make comments about people being cute (and at the moment I’m the only character who uses all-caps). Saelas almost never uses words and usually shrugs or rolls his eyes or something, and Tiri is usually the one to respond to his shrugging (although she rolls her eyes a lot, too). Iaelie makes negative comments, Kalvias talks to cats, Cimi (Cimizelle) usually talks to me and Kalvias, and…okay none of the other characters have really made that much of an appearance. *nods*

      Liked by 1 person

      • Oh, yes, I love your blog regardless. It doesn’t bother me too much 🙂
        Thanks for the help, though! I’ll try to remember as much as I can 😉


  4. Yes, do all of these! I especially would like more posts about the worlds and individual stories of the characters and the posts about your writing progress and process, because both of those sound really interesting!

    Also, the brackets can be kind of confusing since I really haven’t had enough time to identify who’s who by their color (also the colors don’t show up on comments if you look on your notifications) but I’m starting to get better. The one thing is that Dazant, Kivessa, and Ceveth all have shades of purple for their colors and I can never tell which one is talking. At the end of this post, I think it was Kivessa, but it could’ve been Ceveth too.

    As far as the Writing Prompt Wednesdays…I think they’re interesting, but I’m not sure what to do with them. So maybe they’d be better if people wrote short stories or flash fiction with them and posted them here…maybe hundred word stories or something? If it was something short like that, then people would be able to do it every Wednesday (and maybe even post their stories in the comments if the limits were small enough) but it would still exercise their writing skills and take effort.

    Anyhow, I love your blog and think it is absolutely fantastical. 🙂 Thanks for making it so much fun to read.


    • [Morgan says, “Ha, as if you haven’t read both of those stories already.”]

      [But Lana doesn’t know about the changes she’s making, and she hasn’t read all of Cyberspace.]

      [Yeah, because Oracular is cooler.]

      [Not this again.
      Anyway, yeah, that was me at the end, and it is hard to tell the difference between me and the boys, which is a little annoying. I think Morgan didn’t know what colors to give us. Which is also annoying.]

      [See, Oracular is cooler; we all get our own colors.]

      [Ereinne. Please. This isn’t a competition.]

      [I like the flash fiction idea, although I think Morgan decided to put the Writing Prompt posts on hold for a small bit because she isn’t letting us write any other posts that quickly. But we all really like that idea.]


      • I like hearing about stories I’ve already read/heard. There, an odd fact about me… So I’d still love to hear about them and especially if stuff is changing. 🙂

        Ooh, yes, you should figure out how to get Shim to do that flash fiction thingy at some point because I think it’d be really fun to participate in.


  5. I would absolutely love more articles on writing! The character foils one was majorly helpful. Could you write on how to do descriptive imagery without overwhelming the reader with too much to read or how to do multiple POVs without overwhelming the reader?
    A theme for next month……maybe best friends or romances?
    The brackets are a great idea, but maybe the first time a character speaks put their name? It’s just a bit of a headache to reference the cheat sheet every time a new character speaks. But other than that, I love the brackets!

    Ellie | On the Other Side of Reality


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