Character Studies (June)–Comfort, Part II

Character studies is a monthly interview (often broken into several parts).  For more info, see here.image

Interested in participating?  Copy/paste the following questions, pick a character to answer them, and then share the link back here so we can go check it out!

And we have part two!

  1. Which is your preferred fight—words or fists?
  2. How difficult is it for you to apologize when you were wrong about something?
  3. You had a nightmare. Do you go to anybody for comfort? If so, who?
  4. Someone is trying to ask you out. What could they do to really screw it up? What is, in your opinion, the ideal way to be asked out?
  5. What would you do for love? What would you do for hate?
  6. What is your perfect happily ever after?
  7. What would you do if someone hugged you so hard, they knocked you both to the floor?
  8. What’s your favorite thing about your favorite person? (If you don’t have a favorite person, just pick one awesome person.)
  9. Do you like to be touched by other people, or would you rather they kept their hands to themselves?
  10. BONUS: Do you like plants?

    Part 1: [to be posted]


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