Character Studies (September)—Celebrations, Part I

Character studies is a monthly interview (often broken into several parts).  For more info, see here.

L.pngInterested in participating?  Copy/paste the following questions, pick a character to answer them, and then share the link back here so we can go check it out!

So September is Morgan’s birthday month, so for Character Studies this time, we’re going to talk about celebrations!

When you answer these questions, make sure you’re ready to party!

  1. When is your birthday?
  2. What do you usually do for your birthday?
  3. What’s the best birthday you ever had?  The worst?
  4. Are there any holidays you celebrate?  Are there any you don’t?  Why or why not?
  5. What’s your ideal kind of party?
  6. You’re at a friend’s party.  Who’s is it and what’s your opinion of the party?
  7. You made a new friend right around the time of your birthday, and you invited them.  They don’t know you very well, but they still want to bring a gift.  What do they give you?
  8. You just accomplished something really awesome and you want to celebreate. How do you do it?
  9. Is there such thing as too much partying?
  10. Bonus: What’s the most adorable baby animal?



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