A Note on September’s Character Studies

Ereinne here, of course.  This is pretty late in saying, so many of you probably guessed this, but for those of you who didn’t or who were hoping, here it is, officially.

So Morgan is a terrible person (and I can say that, because she’s my author) and didn’t figure out the questions to the second part of September’s Character Studies.  Seeing as September’s almost over, she’s not going to get to it in time.  She says it’s because she’s a busy, full-time college student, but I think she just procrastinates too much.

So there will be no second post this month.  It’s very sad, I know, and so I’m going to (unofficially) say that if you want the full twenty questions, by all means, you are allowed to add your own!  If you don’t want to, then here’s part one.

In other news, we have three months left of the year, which means three more themes!  So if you have any requests for a theme, now’s the time to share them!  What kind of questions/themes do you want to see in the next three months?


3 thoughts on “A Note on September’s Character Studies

  1. I understand the busyness! And it must be even crazier not that you (Morgan) are in college! I can’t imagine …

    As far as themes … did you ever do a backstory one? I know you did childhood, but childhood isn’t the only time you’re affected by things, right? And … hmm. One about favorite things, maybe, like Fin Pym said … maybe one about tastes in literature, etc.? Of course, only certain characters could answer those ones. One about … ooh, how about one in which they answer questions about their fellow characters? That’d be interesting …


  2. It’s totally fine! I hope college is going well and is fun/not super stressful 🙂
    I second the backstory idea! And it would be awesome if there was a theme where characters answered questions about other characters…friends-related themes in general would be cool.


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