Hello…? Anyone Home?


Um, hi.  I’m…Ceveth.

So…today is November 21st (though I don’t think you’ll see this until the 22nd), and things…didn’t quite go as planned.  As far as NaNoWriMo, I mean.

Screen Shot 2016-11-21 at 10.07.08 PM.png

As you can see, Morgan didn’t exactly write this week.  Percy (whom you met in the very last blog post, I think), the protagonist of the novel, was having trouble finding his voice and… Well, basically, the long story short is that here at Studies in Character, NaNoWriMo is…kind of done.

I’m sure most of you get that, especially with Morgan being a college student and all.

So what’s happening instead?

The usual stuff, mostly.  Mine and my siblings’ story gets the main focus again.  (We’re part of the Cyberspace story.)  And at the same time, there’s been slow progress made towards the Oracular story.  In fact, Morgan drew the beginnings of a map.


So what about with the blog?  There have been no posts for a month.

No, of course not.  We’re still here, and hopefully, we’ll be more apparent over December and the holidays.  There will not be a Character Studies this month, but we should be back on schedule next month!

So how’s the writing and/or NaNoWriMo going for everyone else?


14 thoughts on “Hello…? Anyone Home?

  1. Whenever I try to draw a map, it never looks like that! Tell Morgan she’s quite the artist for me, mmkay, Ceveth?

    Yeah … I’ve had NaNos like that. Of course, that was on YWP, so I got to lower my word count. NaNo is going … well, better than it has in the past for me this year. It’s not super (one girl I know wrote 50K in nine days! What is this world coming to?!), but you know. I’m meeting my goals every day, mostly because we have had barely any school this month for various reasons. 🙂


  2. Ooh, I like that map! Tell Shim she did a good job. 😀 But doesn’t she also have another map that she did digitally?

    And hehehe, NaNoWriMo…well, let’s just say I’m very far behind.


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