Following Oracular #2: The Concept & Meeting the Cast

Hi, I’m Meriela.

So I guess I’m going to be telling you what the story is about, in a nutshell, and introducing you to my fellow characters.

So what Morgan calls her “elevator pitch” goes something like this:

An Oracle grows bored giving prophecies about other people being heroes, and she decides that this time, she’s going to be the heroine.

”That’s me,” Ereinne cheerfully says, waving.  “In case you didn’t guess.”

“Nope, definitely didn’t guess.”

“Tiri, stop being snarky.”

Obviously, that pitch doesn’t mention any of the rest of us, and Ereinne, hate to say it, isn’t the most important character.

The story of Oracular came out from two different concepts.  The first was the above pitch, about an oracle character deciding she didn’t really care for being an oracle.  The second idea was to play with the idea of prophecies and “Chosen One” characters, particularly ones who didn’t blindly follow their destiny just because that’s what they were supposed to do.  The two ideas obviously fit well into the same world, and so—

“Ugh,” Tiri interrupts.  “You make it sound so neat and peachy-keen.  This is what Oracular is about.

“If your eyes are blue, you’re an Oracle.  This means the Guardians, who are supposed to be knight-like warriors but really aren’t knights at all, take you away from your home and lock you in a tower, where you then spend the next several centuries giving mumbo-jumbo prophecies that don’t even make sense.  The Guardians then interpret your nonsense, and tell everybody else what they have to do because the prophecy says they have to do it.”

Well, there’s that.

The weird part is that the Guardians—er, the prophecies—talk about two Chosen Ones.  The first one is the one you’re all thinking of—you know, the great legendary hero character who saves the world and all that.  The second Chosen One character is…not so great.  He or she is the one who causes all the problems that the other has to save everyone from.  Basically, the bad guy.

So there’s the concept, to an extent.  Now, all of us characters and who we are.  We’ll go in alphabetical order.


Funny that I’m first, because I’m not that major of a character in the first book.  I’m an Oracle and also a princess.  My parents faked my death when I turned into an Oracle at the age of three, and I’ve spent most of my life locked in a tower.


I am the one the elevator pitch talks about, as you knew!  I am over 300 years old, and I’ve spent all of that in the Oracle’s castle, kind of similar to Cimi’s situation, only I have been able to interact with other people on a regular basis.  It’s been my dream to be like the heroes I’ve met (once) and heard stories about, and so when I finally see my opportunity, of course, I take it.


I’m the Guardian assigned to Ereinne, which means it’s my job to keep her safe and, well, contained inside the castle.  When she sneaks out from under me and escapes the castle on her foolhardy “I want to be a hero” quest, I have to follow after her and try to get her back safely.  If I don’t get her back in one piece and quickly enough, I’ll lose any and all respect I’ve worked so hard to gain as a Guardian.


Ugh, my turn.  Okay, Cim (Cimizelle) is the real princess, but because she’s technically dead as far as the kingdom is concerned, the king doesn’t have an heir.  Enter me, the son of two of his advisors, and the king suddenly decides I’d make a great heir.  Never mind I have zero interest in being a future king.  To make matters worse, the gods seem to have endorsed this idea, and countless times over, Cim has prophecies and visions about me one day sitting on the throne.


Every other character in this story has been born and grown up in Keilanor, where the story is set, but I’m a foreigner and an immigrant.  I don’t have a family, nobody trusts me with my green eyes (brown eyes are very important to the Keilorians) and pale skin, and so I spend most of my time on the streets, until one day, after nearly getting arrested, some Guardians inform me that I’m a Chosen One.

But I’m not the good guy.  Despite that I’ve never hurt anybody and my biggest desire in life has been to own a herbary and to fall in love, my destiny is to ruin the world.


First, my littlest sister’s eyes turned blue when she was two.  The law says that we had to give her up to the Guardians, but if we did, we’d never see her again, so my parents hid her.  That did not last, and the Guardians eventually took her away.  Then my mother disappeared, and I think the Guardians murdered her in punishment.

I want revenge on them, and I want my sister back.


I’m one of Iaelie’s brothers.

”Really?” Tiri demands.  “Everybody else gave a decent description of themselves, and here you are, saying nothing.”

Saelas shrugs.

I had a bad childhood.  I leave home with Iaelie, get separated from her, and end up following Tiri because I have nothing better to do.  That’s about all.

Tiri sighs.  “Whatever.”


After my father died, I figured I would spend my life taking over his profession—that of making pottery—and I was okay with that.  The gods had other ideas, though, and then the Guardians showed up at my house, declared I was a Chosen One and I would save the world, and dragged me away from my home and everything I knew.  It didn’t seem to matter to anybody that Meriela—the one I was supposedly saving the world from—was right when she told the world that the Guardians were manipulating us and it needed to end.

So that’s the cast.  Some of us are more important than others.  (Saelas really does not do much of anything in the first book, as far as I’m aware, so why he’s even here, I have no idea.)

If you have any questions about the concept or about us, feel free to share them in the comments!


10 thoughts on “Following Oracular #2: The Concept & Meeting the Cast

  1. Okay, I think I’ve got them all figured out … except Raethl. Who is his sister? I’m sorry … I guess I didn’t pay much attention. XD

    Now I really want to read Oracular … it just sounds so cool! I kind of wish I was writing fantasy or sci-fi or something that gave me more options … it seems so much more creative! 😀


    • Raethl: My sister is not in the above list of characters, if that’s what you’re confused about. Her name is Eira. She’s only about five and doesn’t really play a role in the story at all, actually. My connection to the other characters in the story is that Meriela and I work together. Sort of.

      Ereinne: Well, that’s why we’re doing this; to get Morgan to rewrite Oracular and then you could read it! If you still wanted to, by then. But anyway, fantasy is awesome.
      Kivessa: *interrupts conversation even though she has nothing to do with this story* Sci-fi is also awesome.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Ah, okay! That makes perfect sense. I was thinking, “Well, he isn’t Ereinne’s brother, that’s for sure … or Cimi’s … so …?” I must have gotten mixed up reading it too fast or something.
        Yep, fantasy is awesome. I don’t read a lot of it … I really should.


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