Following Sleeping in Cyberspace #4: FINISHED WITH THE FIRST DRAFT! (+ looking for potential beta readers)

Hi, Kivessa today, mostly, although all of us are here, because—draft one is finished!  You can see the wordcount bar to the left is all filled up.

The story did end up being shorter than any of us expected (Morgan was originally going for ~75k), but the resulting 61k is not a disappointment, and we’re in fact very excited!

It’s been a long time.  Morgan started our story the first time for Camp NaNo…a while ago.  I don’t have any idea what year it was.  It didn’t work, so she put it aside, and then she came back to it at the end of last year and started again at the beginning either sometime late last year or early this year, I don’t remember.

Anyway, it’s been a long time.  She took forever.

But we’re done!

The story is written, from beginning to end, and it’s done.

Okay, I’m honestly just looking forward to taking a vacation now.

Anyways, though, the story isn’t obviously actually done, because that was only draft one, and we have inconsistencies and unresearched things and probably plot holes or some other kind of emergency.

So Morgan is looking for a few beta readers who’d be willing to go through the story and help her critique.  If you’re interested, send Morgan an email (which can be found on the contact page).

In other news…

Does this affect the blog at all?

And the answer is…not really.  We’re not gone, we’re just done with draft one, and there’s still all the editing and chaos to do in the future.

What’s Morgan writing next and do we get to see any new characters on the blog?

That part is still…undecided.  There is a new story, tentatively titled Realms, as you can see in the wordcount bars on the right, with new characters never before seen on this blog, but whether or not Morgan introduces them here hasn’t been decided.


14 thoughts on “Following Sleeping in Cyberspace #4: FINISHED WITH THE FIRST DRAFT! (+ looking for potential beta readers)

    *high-fives Cev and Ki and Daz*
    I’m gonna try to read as fast as possible ’cause ahhhhhh this is great 😀 And ’cause I’m still really curious about the plot twist you wouldn’t tell me abouttt.


  2. Congratulations, Morgan!! (And to all of you, characters. I’m sure it was a lot of work and that you put a lot of effort into it, like your author did.)

    *runs over to the contact page*


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