Character Studies (September)—The Great Outdoors, Part 2

CSsept17Character studies is a monthly interview (often broken into several parts).  For more info, see here.

Interested in participating?  Copy/paste the following questions, pick a character to answer them, and then share the link back here so we can go check it out!

For extra brownie points, be sure to share the image and link back!

The great outdoors! To…continue the vacation-esque mood, apparently.

It’s actually more camping/hiking than just “outdoors”.

A few of these questions are a little modern-ized, so for those characters who are not modern, you can mind-link your authors or something and pretend to know what we’re talking about, or you can just be completely befuddled. Both options can be very entertaining.

  1. Ever “camped” in your backyard and pretended you were out in the middle of nowhere?
  2. The path you’re walking is littered with rocks and tree roots. How many times do you trip?
  3. What shoes are you wearing?
  4. Sunscreen?
  5. Bug repellant that’s very bad for your skin (that may give you cancer) or bug bites?
  6. Your most embarrassing moment that happened outside.
  7. You’re marooned on an island. What happens?
  8. You’re marooned in a desert. What happens?
  9. Do you eat the raisins in trail mix? Actually, do you eat any part of the trail mix that’s not M&M’s?
  10. Bonus: How tall are you?

Part 1: here


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