Sixth Year Writing Anniversary (And Resolutions Stuff)

Morgan here today.

So today is a special day, not just because it’s the last day of the year, but also because it’s my writing anniversary.  Today, I have been writing for a full six years.  So it seems especially fitting to discuss what I’ve accomplished, both this year and maybe even all in total.

“Yeah, yeah, yeah,” Tiri says.  “Isn’t every other blogger on the planet writing one of these posts?  What makes your special?”

“Well, it has us!” Ereinne points out.  “Nobody else’s post has us!”

All-Time Writing Accomplishments

I’ve completed…a lot of novels.  It’s hard to count, because I never know if rewrites count as a new novel, because the rewrite always ends up vastly different from the original and sure seems like a new novel.  And do novellas count?

We’ll just say there’s an amount that’s not that bad.

“Yeah,” Ereinne says.  “There’s a lot of characters crowded in Morgan’s head, so I’d say, there’s a lot of novels.  Have any of you noticed the guy that looks like a tree?  Or that girl who’s always walking around with a sword and wincing when people smile at her?”

I did some calculations (mostly out of boredom) and came to the conclusion that I’ve probably written some three million words in the past six years.  In addition, over one million alone belongs to one particular story (that got rewritten a lot, which is part of the “how many of those count as distinct novels” question mentioned above.

…that’s about all for those.


Writing Accomplishments of 2016

I finished the first draft of Sleeping in Cyberspace.

“Yeah!” Kivessa yells excitedly, whooping and dancing around the room.  Her brothers both give her weird looks, and she sticks her tongue out at them.  “What, Morgan finally finished the book—that’s reason to celebrate!”

Yeah, okay, so Kivessa is right, but that’s really the only thing I accomplished.  I also wrote like one short story, I attempted to edit Oracular and ultimately accomplished nothing, and… that’s about all.  Just Cyberspace.

Kivessa crosses her arms.  “That’s enough, isn’t it?”

Other Accomplishments of 2016

I graduated high school and survived a semester of full-time college classes.

“Come back when you’ve survived being crown prince and having about ten years of tutoring lessons on politics and etiquettes given to you in about a month,” Kalvias says, grumbling.

“You haven’t survived that, either,” Cimizelle says.  “You just hide from your tutors most of the time.”

Kalvias neither admits nor denies anything.

I…read very, very little.  (I blame college.)  I never count the books I read (I usually forget to), but I’m sure it was embarrassingly low this year.  How is this an accomplishment?  Well, I still read things!

“You just keep telling yourself that.”

“Tiri, your commentary is not necessary.”

Probably other stuff happened.  You know, it’s really, really hard to look back and think of all of the accomplishments for an entire year.


Goals for 2017, yay!  Things I will probably forget about setting actual goals for, and they won’t necessarily happen.  Unless I can actually do something different this year.

Writing Goals

First off, write a lot and write as near to every day as possible, within reason.  (College makes this hard.)

“We approve of this one,” Ereinne says.

Research for Cyberspace and start the edits (and then also finish, hopefully) for draft two (and maybe three).  Okay, that one is probably far-fetched.  I spent the entirety of 2015 editing one single draft for Oracular—however, Oracular as nearly twice the length, and had a very broken plot, while Cyberspace is pretty good for a first-draft.

Ereinne harrumphs.  “You mean you like Cyberspace better than us and are going to put more effort into that one.”

Tiri rolls her eyes.  “Morgan never said that.  Stop being ridiculous.”

Plan a new novel. Because I like to always have something to be actively writing, and I work best when I plan ahead.  What novel will I plan?  I have no clue yet—and I got a lot of time to decide.

Ereinne grins.  “Cue the plot bunnies!”

Re-write Oracular or give it an overhaul-edit for draft three. I haven’t yet decided which it needs—a really crazy edit or a complete rewrite, but whichever it is, I would like to at least get started on that this year.  I think it will probably happen later in the year, which is why I’m not worried about finishing it, just making a lot of progress.

The entire Oracular gang cheers loudly.  (Except maybe Tiri and Saelas, although Saelas does look excited.)

Other Goals

Get a reliable source of income.  Er, get a job, really.

Keep blogging.

“Well, that’s vague,” Kivessa says.  “Care to be more detailed?”

It’s hard to make a blogging schedule when life is so unpredictable, especially with college and homework, so it really is vague.  But I would like to blog a lot more this year than I did last year.

More stuff.

Okay, I’ll be honest.  I suck at planning ahead, and I don’t have really great (or really any) goals for 2017.

“We’ll make sure she plans some stuff, though,” Ereinne promises as solemnly as Ereinne can possibly be.

How about everyone else?  Do you have any really exciting goals for 2017?

Following Sleeping in Cyberspace #2: The Pre-Ending Chaos

So last time around in the Following Sleeping in Cyberspace series, you were introduced to Cyberspace’s cast.  This time, we’ll get a look at how the writing is going.  Dazant will write today’s post.


There’s silence for a long moment, interrupted only by the occasional sound of a cricket or a chirping bird.  After a while, it becomes clear that there’s an argument happening somewhere—just far enough that the words can’t be made out, just close enough to feel a tension in the air.

And then, finally—

Oh, fine, I’ll write the post, but I’m not going to be happy about it.

Kivessa pretty pointedly glares at Dazant, who is sighing and rolling his eyes.

There’s not a lot to say.  The novel is almost finished.  We’re treading into the near-climax territory, so tensions are (supposedly) rising and plot twists are being revealed.

Morgan started tracking how much writing she was doing each day and simultaneously set a goal to have the novel finished by New Years.  These are… her images.

This is how much has been written each day.  Each purple bar represents the amount written.  The diamonds are the goal Morgan set for each day (about ~811 words), and the grey is the average.
This one probably looks more familiar.  Again, purple is the amount written, black is the goal, and grey is the average.

Um…that’s about all.

“No, it’s not,” Kivessa says, still glaring.  “Daz, seriously.”

Dazant sighs again.

What more is there for me to say?  The writing is going.  It’s almost done.  This post is a waste of time.

There’s a collective sigh.  “Daz, you’re never going to write a blog post ever again.”

That’s fine with me.


Following Oracular #1: An Introduction

Hey, all!  Ereinne here!  I bet you all missed me so much.  Come here so I can give you all a hug!

Tiri groans.  “Nobody wants to hug you, Ereinne.”

Shush, you.  Nobody wants to hug you when you talk so rudely to them.

My story is Oracular.  Some of you know this.  Some of you also know that this was the novel that Morgan wrote for NaNoWriMo 2014, and then spent most of 2015 editing.

As Morgan so nicely put it recently, our story sucks and is completely and utterly broken.  (Her words, not mine.  I vehemently disagree, of course, and am of the mind that the story is brilliant.)

“Right,” Kalvias says.  “Because you think everything is brilliant.”

“Either that, or she likes disagreeing with Morgan,” Cimizelle says, rolling her eyes.

You both are as bad as Tiri.

Anyhow, the point is, the story is being built back up from the very bottom, so that soon, Morgan can properly edit it and make it so shiny perfect that…that…

“Don’t bother making metaphors,” Tiri says.  “You’re no good at them.”

Ereinne glares at her.

Nobody here is cooperating with me very well, and this post is not easy to write.  I’ll just try to get through it quickly and hope if I talk fast enough, Tiri won’t be able to interrupt me.

Tiri rolls her eyes.

We’re staring a series of blog posts following the re-development of Oracular.  Mostly, it’ll be about us characters and about the world we live in, and somewhat, it’ll be about the plot.  Occasionally, there might be a post or two complaining about how Morgan procrastinates too much, but otherwise, that’s what we’ve got.  So ta-da!

So this is a short post, but we just wanted to let y’all know about this!  For our next post, we’ll introduce you to the concept of the story, and a little about us, the characters, and what roles we play.

Hello…? Anyone Home?


Um, hi.  I’m…Ceveth.

So…today is November 21st (though I don’t think you’ll see this until the 22nd), and things…didn’t quite go as planned.  As far as NaNoWriMo, I mean.

Screen Shot 2016-11-21 at 10.07.08 PM.png

As you can see, Morgan didn’t exactly write this week.  Percy (whom you met in the very last blog post, I think), the protagonist of the novel, was having trouble finding his voice and… Well, basically, the long story short is that here at Studies in Character, NaNoWriMo is…kind of done.

I’m sure most of you get that, especially with Morgan being a college student and all.

So what’s happening instead?

The usual stuff, mostly.  Mine and my siblings’ story gets the main focus again.  (We’re part of the Cyberspace story.)  And at the same time, there’s been slow progress made towards the Oracular story.  In fact, Morgan drew the beginnings of a map.


So what about with the blog?  There have been no posts for a month.

No, of course not.  We’re still here, and hopefully, we’ll be more apparent over December and the holidays.  There will not be a Character Studies this month, but we should be back on schedule next month!

So how’s the writing and/or NaNoWriMo going for everyone else?

Boring Update Stuff

This post is a little weird to write from the perspective of a character, so today, you get to actually see me, Morgan.

There’s going to be changes around both my blogging style and the way I am present in the blogosphere.  Most of these changes I’m not happy with, but they are, unfortunately, necessary.

This is a longer post than I intended, so sorry for that, but if you want to skim, I tried to bold the important bits.

In the blogosphere:

First off, I won’t be able to read all of the posts that appear in my Reader feed.  The thing is, I love reading all the posts that show up, but there’s so many of them, I often procrastinate until I “will have time to do them all”, and then by that point, there’s so many, I can’t even remember how far back to go, nor do I actually have the time to do so.  (When I tried to look at it earlier this evening, I realized I hadn’t been caught up on anything since the beginning of last month.  That’s pretty sad.)

I’ll still be here, I just won’t read or comment on every post.  I’ll still read some, though, I promise, and if I read the post, I will do my best to also comment.  If there’s a post you really want me to comment on, just let me know, and I will happily do so.

On comments on the blog:

That being said, I will still do my very best to respond to every single comment that’s on my blog.  (Or, rather, my characters will attempt to respond.)  If you don’t get a response, then either A. I didn’t see the comment somehow, B. I commented in my head and forgot to actually post the comment thing, in which case, just let me know and I’ll rectify it, C. a comment didn’t seem necessary or I couldn’t think of anything to say.

Also, regarding HTML within comments.  As you know, currently when a character responds to a comment, they say something within brackets that are colored with the corresponding color, as dictated by the chart on the sidebar.  However, the color often doesn’t show up if you look at the post a certain way, and honestly, putting the HTML in is time-consuming.

So, instead, in comments only, characters will have their name before their actual comment.  This won’t be the case in the actual blog posts; those will continue to remain in brackets.  However, comments will now look something like this:

Ereinne: Hi!

For blog-ish stuff:

Now we get down to the formatting of the blog and my blogging style.  I love using my characters’ voices, although I admit it is often hard to pull off, especially in certain scenarios.  As you may have noticed, it’s very difficult to balance a cast of ten, and so you often see some characters a lot, and others very little.

The characters come from two different projects, Oracular and Sleeping in Cyberspace.  The former is an old project that I am actually planning to shelve for a while and come back to later, when life is less hectic (well, if such a thing exists) and I have a better mindset to tackle the problems that this particular project has.  Cyberspace, on the other hand, is my current WIP.

Why am I telling you this?  I am going to limit the appearances of the cast of Oracular, and focus instead on the three characters from Sleeping in Cyberspace. That is, expect to see more of Kivessa, Dazant, and Ceveth, and less of…everybody else.

Does that mean they’re gone?  Absolutely not.  Ereinne will still probably do her best to introduce as many posts as possible, Tiri will still make contrary comments, and so on and so forth.  But it will happen admittedly less often.

Is this permanent?  No, and it might not even last long.  Maybe in a month or two, I’ll post again, saying that the reverse has happened, and you’ll see…more Ereinne or something.

You may also see “guests”—that is, small appearances from other projects, such as from my NaNoWriMo novel.  I can’t guarantee if/when/how often those will happen; that’s sort of to be determined as it happens.

Blog posts might not be that consistent.  Although anybody who’s followed the blog has probably already gotten that idea.  I’m a full-time college student, and blog posts take a while to write.

I will still be writing Character Studies.  Of them all, these are the easiest and sometimes the most fun to write; plus they seem to be my most popular posts, so don’t worry, those will still be around.  (And also, we have something planned for this month that I think’ll be extra fun.)

Recap, in case you skipped to the end: I’m officially going to be seen less often, both on my blog and on other blogs, but I promise I’m not disappearing.  Meanwhile, the formatting of comments is going to be slightly different, for your convenience, and you will see some characters post less often.

A Note on September’s Character Studies

Ereinne here, of course.  This is pretty late in saying, so many of you probably guessed this, but for those of you who didn’t or who were hoping, here it is, officially.

So Morgan is a terrible person (and I can say that, because she’s my author) and didn’t figure out the questions to the second part of September’s Character Studies.  Seeing as September’s almost over, she’s not going to get to it in time.  She says it’s because she’s a busy, full-time college student, but I think she just procrastinates too much.

So there will be no second post this month.  It’s very sad, I know, and so I’m going to (unofficially) say that if you want the full twenty questions, by all means, you are allowed to add your own!  If you don’t want to, then here’s part one.

In other news, we have three months left of the year, which means three more themes!  So if you have any requests for a theme, now’s the time to share them!  What kind of questions/themes do you want to see in the next three months?