Excerpt Critique

Interested in submitting a critique for the studiesincharacter gaggle to critique or give a commentary on? Here are some guidelines to follow.

[I recommend you don’t break these guidelines, because they’re really rules, even if nobody tells you that.]

~ the excerpt MUST be under 750 words. We’ll accept it if it’s 753, just to finish a sentence, but don’t bother sending something that’s 800 words, or even 789, because we won’t accept it. [Obviously, this is because fictional characters obviously have very busy lives, so the shorter it is, the easier to fit into the schedule.  Although it is debatable as to the business of fictional characters’ lives, we’ll go with that.]
~ no inappropriate language, scenes, or anything of that sort. G or PG at most. There are young people here. [No seriously, Iaelie is sixteen and Ereinne acts twelve sometimes.]
~ include an author bio and another place to find you. Let us know a little bit about you and your book, so if we like your excerpt, we can find more of your writing. (Also, that includes your name.)
~ please, please, send us something polished and well-written. If there are glaring grammar mistakes and spelling errors, we can’t accept it. We aren’t here to fix your grammar, we’re here to give you a fun and silly commentary. [And on that note, we’re fictional characters.  Not editors. Some of us aren’t even supposed to be able to read. *coughMerielacough*] [I can too read! Ish.]

If you’ve read all the guidelines, go ahead and email Morgan at morgan.dusky[AT]gmail[DOT]com. Include “request for excerpt critique” as your subject title, and don’t forget to include the excerpt!