cover art by Katy S.

An Oracle decides she’s sick of giving prophecies about other people being heroes, so she leaves her home to try to be her own heroine.  Unfortunately for her, there are more pieces on the board than just her, and she won’t be the only hero here.

I had the idea for this story back in early 2014.  It started exactly as the blurb sounds—with an Oracle who tried to be a hero.  A few months later, I wanted to play with the concept of a “Chosen One”.  What if someone was chosen who really desperately didn’t want to be? Or what if someone tried to be a hero but couldn’t be one because they weren’t “Chosen”?

It was when I realized the two concepts belonged in the same world that the gears started turning.  I world-built and planned, and when NaNoWriMo ’14 came around, I wrote the first draft.

Most of 2015 was spent editing draft two, and as of now, I am doing more world-building (I swear it never ends) before I dive into draft three.