Sleeping in Cyberspace

cover art by Katy S.

Siblings Ceveth, Kivessa, and Dazant grew up on the streets, stealing to survive.  Their lives were completely insignificant, with their only goal being to stay alive and to stay together.

Then one day, Ceveth hears a voice speaking to him in his bionic ear.  The voice promises them both the heist of a life-time and freedom from their persecutions. And if they don’t do what it wants, it’ll have them thrown in prison for the rest of their lives.

This story was inspired by an image I found on Pinterest of a girl laying in some kind of sci-fi-looking room, asleep.  The caption was, “Sci-fi Sleeping Beauty!”  As a lover of fairy tales, I was instantly inspired.  I needed to write that story.

I started to build a world about a sleeping beauty character in a sci-fi setting and I started to figure out the story of “Prince Philip”, who would of course be my protagonist.  Trying to tie Maleficent into the story proved more difficult, and I had the idea of maybe some kind of bank-robbers…or…something.

Then it hit me.  The bank-robbers weren’t my antagonists.  It was my protagonists who were the thieves.  And suddenly everything fell into place, and I came up with the story that this is today.