Once upon a time, a young, amateur writer penning under the name of Morgan Dusky created a blog, because she read that keeping up blogs were good for aspiring writers.  All was mostly well, until one day, Morgan’s imaginary characters took over her blog and made it their own, much to her dismay.  Morgan had no choice but to follow along.

Or something like that, anyway.  The real story is a bit less neat and tidy.

The main purpose of this blog is to explore and learn, and have fun while I’m doing it.  Most of the posts are written with the voices of my various fictional characters, rather than solely with my own voice.  This creates not only a way of getting to know them in an unconventional method, but it also allows new perspective on topics I might have previously thought familiar and well-known.

I can’t totally guarantee how each post will go, nor what it will be about, because it’ll depend on who’s thought process I’m using to write the individual post.  What I can say is that there will be a variety of topics, and this will be an adventure for all.

If you’re interested in following along on the adventure, there is a place to input your email address on the sidebar.  If you want more information on me or my characters, see the appropriate page in the menu at the top of the page.


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