Once upon a time, a young, amateur writer penning under the name of Morgan Dusky created a blog, because she read that keeping up blogs were good for aspiring writers.  All was mostly well, until one day, Morgan’s imaginary characters took over her blog and made it their own, much to her dismay.  Morgan had no choice but to follow along.

Or something like that, anyway.  The real story is a bit less neat and tidy.

The main purpose of this blog is to explore and learn, and have fun while I’m doing it.  Most of the posts are written with the voices of my various fictional characters, rather than solely with my own voice.  This creates not only a way of getting to know them in an unconventional method, but it also allows new perspective on topics I might have previously thought familiar and well-known.

I can’t totally guarantee how each post will go, nor what it will be about, because it’ll depend on who’s thought process I’m using to write the individual post.  What I can say is that there will be a variety of topics, and this will be an adventure for all.

About the Individuals

Morgan (the author)

Morgan spent more of her childhood reading than anything else, until it occurred to her that she could write a story like what she loved reading so much.  At the age of twelve, she decided to take writing more seriously, and then she never stopped.

Morgan’s favorite way to exercise is by riding her bike, and she can never really decide what her favorite color is.  She has a small collection of Lego houses.

Sleeping in Cyberspace cast


After losing his parents in an accident, Dazant knew that it was up to him and him alone to look after his two younger siblings, Kivessa and Ceveth.  Unfortunately, the orphanage was entirely too willing to split the three up, so Dazant took matters into his own hands and ran away.  To survive, they turned to thievery.

Dazant would do anything to protect his brother and sister.  He has a tendency to get absorbed into his thoughts and zone things out, and he really isn’t as delicate around emotions as he wishes he was.


Being the middle child and the only girl, Kivessa’s duty is quite clear—keep both of her brothers out of trouble.  Which is a job that’s totally underrated.  It usually pays off, though, because one of the best things in the world is to hear either of them, or both of them, laugh.

Kivessa almost never listens to Dazant’s orders, to his frustration, but it usually works out, so she doesn’t worry about it.  She loves dark chocolate.


Ceveth knows firsthand that being the youngest really isn’t as cracked up as the media makes it. With a bionic ear as the result of an accident, a good knack with tablets and hacking, and a near-crippling fear of guns, Ceveth can kinda understand his older siblings’ worry over him.  Even so, in his opinion, he isn’t as bad at looking out for himself as they think.  He’s not a little child anymore.

Ceveth loves to listen to as many kinds of music as he can get access to.  As much as he hates to admit it, he actually does find a sort of comfort in knowing his siblings are looking out for him.

Oracular cast:

Cimizelle Dustiel

Cimizelle was born a princess, but when she became an Oracle at the age of three, all royal bloodlines became meaningless.  As a result, she spent the next fourteen years of her life locked in a single tower, entertaining herself by teaching herself to read, singing at the stars, and imagining being able to see the world.

Cimizelle’s favorite things to do involve trying to not glare at her best friend Kalvias for doing something foolish, reading just about any book she can get her hands on, and wearing anything bright, pink, or pretty.

Kalvias Ahlise

Kalvias lived the life of luxury, being the privileged son of the king’s favorite advisors.  It came as a shock, though, when his friend Cimizelle, the oracle princess, prophesied that he would one day be king—and then he heard his parents discussing the exact same thing with the king and queen.  Although very certain he actually has no royal blood in his veins, Kalvias found himself with no choices in his future.

Kalvias has a tendency to hide from responsibility, and although he recognizes he’s a coward, the fact changes nothing.  He enjoys talking to his pet cats and pretending they can talk back to him, although strangely enough both cats always get snarky with him.


After living nearly 317 years locked up at Castle Milaele with the other Oracles and no chance of seeing the outside world, Ereinne developed a need for adventure.  More than anything else, Ereinne dreamed of being a heroine, and the biggest thing that stood in her way was Iaelie—her Guardian, her protector, and her friend.

Ereinne’s favorite colors are yellow and orange and any other color in between the two.  She “discreetly” tries to get her friends into relationships—or at least gives them “advice” when she thinks they need it.

Iaelie Crestal

After two of her older siblings asked an Oracle what a ten year old Iaelie would grow up to be, Iaelie became a Guardian.  Six years later, Iaelie made it her life mission to protect her charge, Ereinne, even from herself.  And if that meant Iaelie would pay for it with her personal life, then so be it.

When she’s off duty, Iaelie spends most of her time training with her sword and resisting the temptation to relax, for fear she might grow lazy.  Her childhood sweetheart never hesitates to tell her a break might do her good, but she does her best to ignore his advice.

Meriela Awinn

A foreigner to the country of Keilanor,  Meriela spent her later childhood on the streets, stealing food and dreaming about love.  When the Guardians informed her that the latest prophecy had declared her to be a great and despicable villain, she took it upon herself to try to expose the ugly truth about the Guardians to the blind and ignorant Keilorians.

She loves to care for plants, because watching them grow makes her feel like maybe her childhood dreams weren’t for naught.  She’s grown quite fond of fancy dresses, although still finds shoes quite uncomfortable and, frankly, mostly unnecessary.

Raethl Meibir

Raethl’s biggest joy in life was his youngest sister.  The most adorable bundle of life on the planet, Eira couldn’t keep from bringing a smile to his face.  But then Eira became an Oracle, and the Guardians took her away.  Raethl’s life fell apart around him, and he knew only one thing for sure—he needed his sister back, no matter the cost.

Raethl’s number one concern about his appearance is his hair—nobody must know he gets bedheads in the morning.  One of his favorite ways to start a morning off is by trying to eat his older sister Felarai’s breakfast before Meriela Awinn does (since Felarai never eats breakfast anyway).

Tirisandi Kallerivs

Tiri grew up in the country, listening to her father’s stories about Chosen Ones and Guardians and Oracles and great adventures.  She always wanted to meet one of these heroes, but never in her life expected to be one.  After the death of her father, Tiri prepared herself to continue in his business as pottery maker, so when the Guardians informed her she was Chosen and it was her responsibility to save Keilanor from danger, Tiri couldn’t help but wish her life had stayed simple and unimportant.

Tiri loves hugs, especially from people she cares about, and she finds it nearly impossible to keep her hands still and not doing something.  She has a tendency to speak her mind, and often expects other to do the same.

Saelas Crestal

Having grown up in a household of nine, with five older siblings who thought it was their life mission to belittle him, Saelas is quite accustomed to lots of noise and chatter—and even more, he’s used to blending into the background and pretending he isn’t there.  When his younger sister Iaelie offered him a chance to escape his family, he only hesitated for the tiniest moment.

Saelas’s usual response to most questions is a shrug or silence, depending on how comfortable he is with the asker.  He’s rather fond of grapes and he has a bit of a mischievous streak.

All artwork here drawn by my alterego, Katy Schifferer.

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